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Winners Round One

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Round One Winners:
Best Author:
Winner: JustSkipIt
Runner Up: Chris Cook
Best New Author:
Winner: TazRaven
Runner Up: Willownut
Best AU:
Winner: Stratagem by Willow Watcher
           Catching Sunflowers In Bloom by MissKittysBallOYarn
Runner Up: The Price of Vengeance by Trom DeGrey
Best Comedy:
Winner: Slices of Life: Subtext by Jet Wolf
Runner Up: The Chronicles of Dopeygayland by tarawhipped
Best Angst:
Winner: Latter Days/Lonely Nights by Willownut
Runner Up: Geek Love by Watty
Best NC-17:
Winner: Please: The Series by JustSkipIt
Runner Up: Ask Nicely by Red
               The Price of Vengeance by Trom DeGrey
Best Drama:
Winner: Latter Days/Lonely Nights by Willownut
Runner Up: Waiting For Dani by JustSkipIt
                Spark to A Flame by Auburn
Best Crossover - Movie:
Winner: Sin City by Alcy
Runner Up: The Artifact by Sabina
                Star Witches by Alex
Best Crossover - TV:
Winner: Survivor - Ash Island by JustSkipIt
Runner Up: Misplaced by Tarafied4Life
Best Plot:
Winner: Stratagem by Willow Watcher
Runner Up: Waiting For Dani by JustSkipIt
Best Romance:
Winner: Chemistry by TazRaven
Runner Up: Spark To A Flame by Auburn
Best Unfinished:
Winner: The Game of Love by Shai
Runner Up: Smut Bunnies by Chris Cook

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