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Best Author:
*Has been writing more than a year or has more than 5 fics archived.
Best New Author:
*Has been writing less than a year
Best AU:
* Does NOT follow canon or involve canon in anyway, you can't just say that X never arrived/lived/died and think that counts. If you're still unsure, see the stories archived at Through the Looking Glass for examples.
Best Comedy:
Best Angst:
Best NC-17:
*Stories in this category can be nominated in other categories.
Best Drama:
Best Crossover - Movie:
Best Crossover - TV:
Best Plot:
Best Romance:
*May have an NC-17 rating but must also be something more than just the physical lovings!
Best Unfinished:
Best Fanfic Archive:
* Can be any Buffy archive but MUST allow W/T submissions, so no Spuffy, Spangle, Kenlow exclusive sites.

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This site is purely to recognise the hard work of those authors who admire and love Willow and Tara and want to keep the spirit of their relationship alive through fanfiction.
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